Last night, we were among 78,000 screaming fans. Most were all watching to see if their teams would be National Champions. Well, we watched knowing that this was the end to another long bowl season for Info Screen Printing.   It looks like we may have survived one more year.  I would like to simultaneously thank AND say sorry to all of our customers whose jobs we had to move around to keep up with the Bowl demand this year.  I will do some finalizing of the numbers but it appears with all three bowl games this year, Insight Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and BCS National Championship game, we printed about 64,000 shirts.  The frenzy this year over this game was unbelievable and it affected us daily.  Demand continued to rise for shirts almost on an hourly bases.  If it were not for the efforts of McCreary's Tees, (and our brand new 12 color press!) we would have never gotten it all done, this year.  The McCreary's staff, especially Dave and Jimmy, really took great care of us.  I am sure they do not want the world to know that they work extra hours and weekends to keep up with the demand.  To have a local supplier that is so willing to work with us and understand our needs was invaluable!  There is no way we could every thank them enough.  

It is always bitter sweet when it comes to an end but after 7 years we are getting use to it.   Even with all the crazy demands, last minute jobs and chaos that there is working with the Fiesta Bowl, I don't think any of us would change a thing.  They expect a lot of us, 24 hour shifts, staying on call for the Holidays and meeting unrealistic time-lines, but they do it with respect.  That is what makes them such a great customer.  Thanks for the work, Fiesta Bowl, and we look forward to next bowl season!!

Here is a picture and a video from last night.

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