The recent events in Tucson has effected a lot of us.  President Obama will be at The U of A today for a community event call "Together We Thrive".  We got a call Monday night around 6:30 PM that the event needed 20,000 shirts delivered in Tucson by Wednesday 7:00 AM.  That meant we had to have McCreary's Tees pull shirts through the night Monday and have them at our shop by 6:00 AM Tuesday.  The art was in our hands by 9:00 AM, the 1st shirt was approved at noon, and the total job was printed and boxed up by 11:00 PM.  The shirts were in Tucson before 7:00 AM this morning.  It felt really good to meet this deadline.  I am very proud again of the people we work with.  McCreary's came through with the shirts, our employees came through without taking breaks yesterday, and our other customers gave us permission to move their work to the next day so we could get this project done. It makes us feel great to be able to do our part in supporting an event like the one in Tucson this morning.Thanks everyone!

Here are a few links to visit where you can follow the events today and I assume most of the news channels will be covering it as well.