Spa Time Wrap


SPA TIME NOW: cost-$1,900

SpaTime Now offers groovy spa deals nationwide. Consumers can search for spa deals and book appointments directly online. Spa Time Now was founded in 2010. 


FIESTA BOWL- cost-$500

This is one of the trailers you may have seen selling t-shirts at the games this year.  Not much of a wrap but I thought it looked great for how simple it was.  This trailer had graphics on all sides also.

I have included prices so people could get an understanding of the cost of different jobs.  This might help you sell your customers on wraps when you at least have a ballpark number.  Over the next couple of months I will keep updating this list.  Also keep in mind we are giving a 10% commission on referrals.

For more information on wraps please check our earlier post.

Thanks for the Work!