User Agreement

Using a contract printer is not like using any old printer.  Contract printers assume you the customer take on a much larger responsibility for your orders.  Here is a list of the customers responsibilities.  Make sure you understand and agree to this before you place an order with us.  


PMS Book and colors

You must own and know how to use a standard PMS Book.
We use PMS coated colors
We can not guarantee any colors above 7000
We sell them for $150 or Amazon
For more information please read the following blog post



Screen printing is a process that is done by hand and is not exact therefore there is always going to be rejects.  
For more information please read the following blog post


how to approve a proof

Approving a proof might be the most important aspect of the contract printer partnership.  This is the final process in which you can find mistakes before going to press.  Very often they are our mistakes but sometimes they might be yours.  In either case you make the final decision with your approval.
Here is some exact directions on how to approve your proof


product time line

In order for us to do our job properly we need time.  We need your product here 3 days before printing to insure we can get it checked in, counted, corrected and printed by your in hands date.
For more info please read this blog post


Order entry checklist

Here is where your job begins.  Screen printing is not a simple process and because of that we need the most accurate most up to date information about every detail of an order.  We have complied a list of details that we need to each and every order. These points are not because we want to be difficult this is necessary information in or