1st off why a blog?

Lots of people ask why do you have a blog instead of a static website?  I could, it would be much easier to maintain but I want to create a sense of community around Info Screen Printing & Graphics.  I am always trying to create a conversation not just dictate policies to our customers.  Using the style of a blog it allows customer input through comments.  I always want to hear from our customers because your input is what molds our company.   So please feel free to comment on anything you read on our site.  

Re-Designed Blog 

Lots of changes a foot at Info Screen Printing & Graphics for 2013.  The 1st is the re-design of our blog.  Take some time and check it out here.  We have tried to simplify our message with three basic categories.  

This section is all about policies, pricing and general information about working with us.  Every customer should take the time and read every blog post in this section.  

This is for things like our shaved ice party and where we brag about large jobs we are proud of.

This is the section is just for fun.  It will be a fun place to celebrate all the strange but true things that happen here.