New customers, old customers and all customers in between should always be up to date on our policies and procedures. This section of our site it dedicated to helping everyone having the most current information.  There is a tremendous amount of information below for you to take in.  Think of it like when you sign up for a service on-line and then they ask you if you have read through there user agreement and you just click YES but really never read any of it.  Well please don't do that here.  Take your time and read through ALL the info below. Just don't do it all at one time because that would even bored me to death.  Maybe read a section each day, maybe make it part of your morning ritual.  However you do it please power through all of it. 

Services we offer
Wholesale / Contract Screen Printing
Wholesale / Contract Large Format Printing
Wholesale / Contract Decals
Wholesale / Contract Doming
Vehicle wraps

Screen Printing Services Offered
10 colors - Spot color - 4 Color process - Simulated process - Plastisol - Waterbase - Discharge - Foil - Heat Press Names and Numbers - Rhinestones - Re-labeling - Hang Tags - Folding - Bagging - UPC - Real time order tracking - Online proofing - Order history - Blind 3rd party shipping - Freight - LTL - UPS - Fedex - Local courier    GALLERY

Screen Printing Capacity
1.3 million impressions in 2012
We can produce over 2,000 prints per hour
We currently run two shifts for a total production per day of 18 hours of printing.
We are positioned to scale up and down rapidly to meet any manufacturing need.
If we ran at full capacity we could produce over 10 Million impressions per year.  

Large Format Services Offered
48" Wide X 50' long - Retractable Banners - Outdoor Banners - Indoor Banners - Grommets - Removable Wall Graphics - Wallpaper - Floor Graphics - Store Front Window Graphics - Static Cling - Posters - Road Side Signs - Reflective - Dry Erase - Window Frost - Coroplast Signs - Fine Art Reproductions

Contract Decals
Full Color Decals - Spot Color Decals - 48" Wide - Die Cut - Custom Contour Cuts - Simple Shape Cuts - No Minimums - Single Color Cut Vinyl 

Doming Capacity
We can dome any shape or color vinyl up to 36" X 60"

Vehicle Wraps
Design - Print - Install - Any Size/ Any Type of Vehicle - Boats - Houseboats - Golf Carts - Fleet Vehicles - Motorcycles - Partial Wraps - Full Wraps 


You can send your order in via fax, e-mail or in person.  We will have all orders in our system within 24 hours.  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail during that time please contact your CSR as soon as possible.  It is your responsibility as our customer to double check your orders for any discrepancies.  Again, if anything is wrong please notify your CSR with the corrections.

If you need a quote please fill out this form.  When you place your order for the job that was quoted you must include the quote number with your PO.

Your terms are printed on your invoices.  Failure to meet those terms will result in financing fees.  All credit card payments will be charged a 3% processing fee.  As a wholesaler, our margins are too low to cover the processing fees we have to pay to the credit card companies.  All new customers are COD for the 1st month.

 Our Spoilage rate is 2%.  That means you must anticipate that 2% of your job will be miss-printed.  Does this happen on every job, no.  But it does happen enough that you must be prepared when the problem does arise.  We need to know on your PO if the order needs to ship complete. If the order needs to ship complete and the we had some spoilage under 2% it will be your responsibility to replace the missing garments.  If we mess up more than 2% we will replace all the garments and print at no extra charge.
Info Screen Printing & Graphics will not replace any product on any job regardless of responsibly if the customers account is not current.  If your account is passed due we will not replace any product nor will we credit you any of the cost of the spoilage.  

We count all product in within 24 hours of receiving.  If there are any discrepancies it is the customers responsibility to correct them.  Make sure you order your product quickly so you have enough time to fix any issue.  Your product needs to be here and complete the day before we are scheduled to print it. If you product comes in and is missing anything even 1 shirt it will not go into production the following day without your approval.

We can no longer be responsible for any bleed through.  The mills are producing products that are becoming more and more difficult to decorate.  One of the biggest issue we face today is the dye of the shirt migrating into the print colors.  That is why if you have a red polyester shirt and print white ink on it turns pink over time.  Because it is impossible to predict how each dye lot is going to affect the ink we have had to implement this policy.  This does not mean we are not going to take every precaution possible to prevent this.  The problem we are trying to avoid is HEAT.  The high temperatures it takes to cure our ink also what it takes for polyester dyes to release gases. If you heat a dyed a garment to too high of a temperature the gas it emits bleeds into the ink on top of it.  So it is a balancing act of enough heat to cure the ink but not enough for the dyes to emit any gas.

Here is a list of all the precautions we take.
1. We pre-heat each garment to release any dye that did not cure fully from the mill
2. The underbase we use for all dyed garments is specifically engineered dye blocking ink
3. For the top coat we use a industry leading poly dye blocking white ink
4. We cure the shirts at 320 degrees and immediately start cooling the shirt down
5. We let the shirts fully cool before stacking

We ship out everyday with several different carriers.   We can bill you in two different ways, third party billing or we can invoice you.  Both work equally well it will just be your preference.  We also update our website with all tracking information as soon as possible.  

If you send a courier to pick up please provide them with as much information as possible.  Make sure they ask for the job they are picking up by the PO number not where they are going.  Also make sure they know the customer they are picking up for.


We price every job per print.  Our price list is set up to make your job of quoting jobs as easy as possible.   You need two things to figure out your cost per print.  How many colors and how many prints.  The biggest mistake when costing a job is forgetting about the underbase.  The Underbase is a layer of white much like a primer that needs to go down 1st on most dark colored shirts.  

An example of special pricing is, "these shirts are for a charity that does not have any money is it possible to get next column pricing on this job?"  All special pricing must be in writing and approved by Eric Gibby.   One of the requirements for special pricing is net 10 terms.   All special pricing invoices need to be paid in full within 10 days.  If you fail to meet these terms your discount will be voided.  Check your invoices for terms listed.  

We provide special pricing based upon yearly sales volume.  Feel free to contact Eric about our special pricing volume levels.  

We are going to bill you for what you approve on your proof not what is on your PO.  Look at your proof carefully and do not approve it unless you are willing to pay for the amount of colors you are approving.

Artwork for Screen Printing

Digital files
Digital files must be in vector format.  That means that every piece of the design had to be created in a vector based program.  These programs include Corel Draw, Illustrator and Free Hand.  You can not create them in Word or Paint and then save them in Illustrator.  Every detail must have been created in one of these programs. To tell if you have a vector image that is suitable for printing, zoom in on it and see if the image looks fuzzy or not.  A fuzzy image is bad and a sharp image is good.  Check here for sample images.  Files must be supplied to us in “.CDR”, “.AI” or “.EPS” formats.   

Non camera ready art (the cocktail napkin)
Types of non camera ready art
Photocopies of any type
A fax
Business cards or other printed items
Dirty Artwork (smudges or marks)
Continuous tone images; i.e., B&W and color photographs
Original drawings or paintings
Anything for a website
A cocktail napkin or any other scrap of paper with a drawing or idea on it

You can provide us with just about any type of art, some will just take more time to prepare than others.  These types of artwork will be the most expensive to prepare for screen printing because of the amount of time it will take to convert them into vector images.

We charge $60 per hour for artwork.  Here are some common errors in preparing art that will result in art charges.
1. Fonts ~ There are millions of fonts to choose from when designing artwork.  Use as many as you want but they must all be converted to outlines in Illustrator or to curves in Corel Draw.  A font is like a program, If you use a font that we do not have on any of our systems we will not be able to see it.  By converting it you are making the font a vector object that anyone will be able to edit.  You can save us hours of work by converting the fonts.  
2. PMS Colors ~ All art work needs to be designed with PMS colors not CMYK or RGB.  This is for everything including gradients.   Depending on the complexity of the job it can take several hours to convert them ourselves.  
3. Clipping Masks ~ Do not use!  Clipping masks can not be printed.  It could take several hours and possible costing hundreds of dollars to correct this problem.
4. Vector ~ And of course everything must be vector.