How do you get 1000 shirts printed in Arizona and to your customer at the Doheny Blues Festival in Dana Point, California? Simple! You print and ship overnight.  Now, that would be way too easy for Info Screen Printing.  Let's see if we can make it a little bit harder.  What if the customer called and placed the order at 4:30 PM the day they needed to ship? That would at least make things interesting, but still not impossible.  What if it was on Saturday?  Now how would we be able to solve that problem?  

This is what happened last weekend.

 It was Saturday and our crew had just finished printing 18,000 towels for the Coyotes game 5 give away when Eric got the call.  “Eric I need help!!  I have almost sold out of every shirt in the 1st day of the music festival.  I need more shirts by tomorrow (Sunday).“  

So how did we do that?

4:00pm ~ Our customer called Dave from McCreary’s Tees.  Dave came in, placed, and pulled the order.  

4:30pm  ~ Info began creating a new piece of art for the design they needed.

5:00pm ~ Eric called his wife and kids to come in and work.  Keep in mind the whole Info crew had just worked 9 hours printing towels.  We needed fresh blood to get this one done.

5:30pm ~ Lori (Eric's wife) and the kids went to McCreary’s to pick up the shirts.

5:30pm ~ Our customer sent one of his employees back on a plane from California.

6:30pm-10:15pm ~ Info printed the job.

10:30pm ~ The customer pulled up to our bay door.  We loaded up their truck and the employee drove through the night back to California.

The shirts made it the event on time!  The event was a huge success for our customer and it makes me proud to know that we were a huge part of making that happen.

I am always amazed at what can be done when business is about relationships and solving problems.  This was a huge coordinated effort on a Saturday night to make this happen.  Everyone did their part and as a result our customer and their customers were all very happy.  

Thanks for the work!

Eric Gibby