I guess I always knew this day would come but I always thought it would be so far in the future it would never be a reality.  Well time has caught up with me and I have to come to terms with the fact that Henry is going to be moving on.  As of Dec. 31st Henry will no longer be working at Info Screen Printing. He is going to pursue his dream of becoming a Police Officer.  

Because Henry never wants the attention to be on him we will not be having any grand going away party.  I understand that many of you would like the opportunity to say goodbye and wish him well so there are a couple of choices:
1st Come by any time and speak to him in person
2nd Call or E-mail him at

3rd Leave a comment to this post

The rest of this post is basically a Thank You to Henry for everything he has done for Info Screen Printing.  The basic info is listed above and only read this next part if you like sappy crap.

Eight years ago Henry was the owner and operator of Say It Screen Printing.  It was a family run business much like Info Screen Printing & Graphics.  He worked with his Father, Sister and his wife Dawn.  Henry was passionate about the craft of screen printing but could basically take or leave the business stuff.  Henry and his family built their business up over time with unparalleled quality in their screen printing.  Henry really became a master of the trade of screen printing.  But more and more his disdain for the business side was dragging him down.  I on the other hand was running Info Screen Printing & Graphics with my family and loved the business side.  Our quality was not nearly as good as Henry’s.  It did not take long for me to realize Henry should be running the production at Info.  So 8 1/2 years ago, I made Henry an offer to come and work with us.  We hammered out the details and made a deal that would shape Info Screen Printing into the company we are today.  
The Facts
~ From 1 automatic press to 3 auto presses
~ From 400,000 impressions per year to 1.1 Million
~ We are currently the largest volume printer in AZ.
~ 18
th largest screen printer in the nation
~ 8 employees to over 30 at times
~ From one 8 hours shift a day to printing for 18 hours
~ set up times from 10 minute a screen down to just under 6 minutes
~ Henry’s average work day was about 12 hours

For better or worse Henry and I have easily spent more time together than we have with our own families.  At this point, I cannot even imagine walking through the doors and not expecting Henry to be there.  This change is going to be hard on both of us.  There is no way I can express how much gratitude I have for what Henry has brought to Info Screen Printing.  He has given his heart and soul to this company, worked his butt off every single day for the last 8 years.  He has forever changed Info Screen Printing & Graphics.  Whether he is working with us or not, his influence will always be part of our culture.  Henry is a great person to work with and be around.  There is no way I could have dealt with the stress by myself these last years.  I have leaned on him for everything I have needed and he has always come through for me.  I am going to miss being around him, I am going to miss his unique take on life and family and most of all I am going to miss the support he has provided for me over the last years. I wish him as much success and happiness as possible in his next phase of life.

Eric Gibby