What a great day for all of us at Info.  Once again, all of our customers really came through with tons of texts, E-mails and calls to wish the birthday boy all the best.  I was updating Facebook throughout the day with all the pictures I was getting.  If any of you know Henry, you also know that most of the photos were not safe for work by any means.  I made a gallery of the SFW photos for your enjoyment.  

henry p90x.jpg

So here is the set up for the videos below. Henry is very afraid of bugs.  Yes, anything that crawls, climbs or slithers he is deathly afraid of.  I think I have even heard a story or two about Henry having to have his wife kill the spiders at their house because he was too afraid to do it himself.  Well, since it was his birthday we gave him a little present.  We told Henry to check is e-mail for a new birthday photo.  We placed the bug in the cup next him and waited for him to see it.  I told him we were filming to see the reaction to the e-mail not the bug.