Henry does a lot with and for his kids, but what happened tonight has elevated him to elite status as a father. He most likely will do something stupid within the next week and go back to his regular status but for know he is riding high as father of the year.  

Here is a list of all the sports Henry has played or is currently playing ~




Roller Hockey

Ice Hockey

Synchronized Swimming

Yes I did say Synchronized Swimming, or Syncro as the people in the "know" call it.  Henry's daughter competes in syncro swimming and at her meet tonight they had a daddy/daughter performance.  Out of 72 dads that could have performed only 12 did and yes Henry was one of them.  

Well without further ado here is the video....

If you would like to send Henry a personal message about his performance here is his contact info

Phone 602-770-0788

TXT 602-770-0788

e-mail henry@infoscreenprinting.net