She has been with us for over 12 years and has been one of our best employees over that time.  We had never had an employee of her caliber, when she came to us.  We thought she was so great that we brought in more employees just like her.  In fact, her being here may have been the one thing that brought a lot of you to us.  She was never late, she never missed a shift, never had a sick day and stayed late whenever we asked.  Sometimes she would work for 24 hours at a time, during our busiest times.  But that has all changed.  It has been a very long slow slide for this once great employee.  She started to miss a lot of days and her productivity has dipped to an unacceptable rate.  We all started to notice changes in her attitude, not working late, and generally not being the chipper employee she once was.  We worked with her as long as we could during her decline.  We tried to help her along, nurse her when she was sick, and help her out as much as we could.  At the very end she just stopped working, altogether.  We will miss her, she was our 1st... and nobody forgets their 1st.

Please take a moment of silence for her today and think of all the shirts she has printed for each and every one of you over the last 12 years of her life.

She will be missed, please say good by to our

1994 M&R Challenger 10 color press

She was a good press and she will be sorely missed!