November 1st 2012

 This was the day after a mid week Halloween and a full moon.  So I thought it was safe to assume that all the strange stuff was behind us.  It only took me pulling into our parking lot for me to eat my words.  The first thing I noticed was one of my employees truck parked next to our dumpster.  Keep in mind this was 4 AM and our crew does not start printing until 6 AM.  Upon further inspection he was asleep so I left him alone.  As strange as that might have been it was not totally unusual. The caliber of employees we have sometimes encounter problems in their lives that would result in them needed a place to stay from time to time.  Over the years lots of our employees have asked to sleep at the shop for a night or two.  So no big deal I went along my way and opened the shop and started to make the schedule.   About 5 minuets later Ulyses comes into the shop in a panic.  He asks me, "Don't you hear that women screaming out side?"  We ran outside and could hear a women screaming bloody murder.  We called 911 while looking for the women.  We had not luck and when the police arrived it was more of the same.  We could not find her anywhere.  The police thought it might have been someone partying from last and was lost.  So that was our morning.  

Then around noon just after lunch one our employees walks into the lunch room and starts having a seizure.  One of our customers use to be an ER nurse so thank good he was there to take control of the situation.  We called 911 AGAIN and shortly there after they arrived.  Within a couple of minuets he was on the stretcher and on his way to the hospital.  The list of problems for this employee are very long but if I had to guess it was all from a combination of being really sick and having alcohol withdraws.  He spent a couple days out of work and has since returned.  He assures everyone that he is done drinking for good.  To him that means no hard alcohol but beer and wine are ok. 

Just when we thought the days was over into our parking lot turns a couple in a car yelling and screaming at each other.  She was accusing him of cheating and was going to leave him there.  They argument was getting so heated guess who we had to call for the 3rd time in one day?   Just when I picked up the phone to call they noticed and immediately got into their car and drove off.

I looked at Angie, Chad and Ulyses and utter the words we say so often around here, "Just another day at Info!"