14 years ago, I answered an ad in the newspaper for a customer service position at McCreary's Tees. (Thanks Dave!)

That eventually led me to Eric Gibby.

I always knew he was good humored but I soon learned he was truly admirable. He put his heart and soul into Info Screen Printing, always striving to improve himself and his business. Working for Eric and Lori has been wonderful. They are genuine, honest, good hearted people. Do you know how rare that is to find?! I am not ashamed to say I LOVE THE GIBBY'S!! I'm heart broken I may never see Paige or Peyton again, or have Gary yell at me for stealing his checks (I didn't), or gossip with Sue. I've enjoyed meeting all the extended Gibby's, including "Crazy Judy". 

I believe that is what attracted a lot of you to Info Screen Printing. That family atmosphere. Because YOU guys are amazing customers! Many of you I've worked with weekly over the years and friendships grew. We talked about our kids, music and some work related things too. I truly enjoyed working with all of you. If we are not already connected, please add me on Facebook. I mean it - do it!! https://www.facebook.com/angie.royce.9


When I'm sweating in my mail truck, hiding from a vicious dog, I am going to reminisce about our 9AM meetings, and then the 10AMmeeting with Tim and Chad to decide what's for lunch, Bo being dramatic and throwing my orders across the room.. what Eric's latest "geek" update is.. or if he had a stressful day and gave himself Willy Wonka hair..

But most of all, Laughing. I laughed - all - the - time at Info.

I am going to miss my work family so much. :(

I love you guys,