We will be closed Monday July 5th and Friday July 16th.

I also wanted to update everyone on that HUGE job we had this past week. We finished the last of our 80,000 prints on Saturday, so we are back to our normal schedule.  Thank you to all the customers that were flexible enough that we could move some of their jobs around to make that big job possible.  

Fun facts about the job

~ 40,000 Shirts printed both sides made this an 80,000 print job
~ 80,000 prints is 200 hours of printing
~ 40,000 shirts is 556 cases
~ 556 cases is 18 full shrink-wrapped pallets and 1 partial pallet
~ 18 Pallets will fill a full size semi truck

So, how come McCreary's can get 1200 cases on the same size truck?


Be the 1st to answer the question by responding to the blog, NOT E-MAIL, and we will take $20.00 off your next order.



Eric Gibby