For those that do not know, we do a lot of printing and charity work for the Scottsdale Police department's K-9 division.  They stopped by the shop for a photo shoot today.  We were taking photos of the dogs in action, searching for drugs, searching for bombs and attacking with force.  We are designing a couple new shirts and making some life size removable wall graphics.  Several employees got the thrill of being involved.  Sue had a gun held to her head, and Chad, Andy and Fish got to wear the bite suit and have the dog attack them.  

Every year there is a huge national competition in Scottsdale for the best K-9 unit in the country.  If you every wanted to see these impressive dog working up close, without being their target, you should check out this event.

Here are some photos of the employees being attacked.  And no Bo did not get bit.  As much as everyone would have enjoyed it he did not want the little dogie to mess up his hair.


Here is Sue trying to act like she is really scared.  
I don't think she will ever have an acting career.
Even with a REAL gun to her head she was on the verge of laughing the whole time.

Here is Andy playing dead.  This is the way he always looks so we really could not tell if he was acting or not.

This picture is of Owen (the actual police officer) and Tarzan is the name of the dog.  The object of the photo shot was to get a picture with the dog and the gun at the same time.  I think this picture will work!

Here is Chad getting ready for the hit. 

For anyone that just talks to Chad every day and never has seen him before, this is the face he makes every time he answers the phone.  Now you have a face to put with the voice.

Here is Tarzan the dog swinging on the vine.  Too bad for Chad his arm is the vine and Tarzan is using his teeth and tons of pressure to hold on. 

Finally we used one of the employees that really looks like a bad guy, Fish.  Tarzan seemed to be extra aggressive with Fish.  We don't know why. Maybe it is the long hair and tons of piercings and tattooes...wait, that describes Chad also.  This was real world training for the dog.

OOOWWWWW....This dog is strong!


Thanks for the work!

Eric Gibby