We have a new IP phone system! This is one of those good news/bad news things...

The good news is we have no more phone company! The features are better than they ever could be with a normal phone company, as well.

The bad news is that it has to have an automated attendant, although, he IS very nice.  This means when you call, you'll get the dreaded "...for Info Screen Printing press 1" voice.

To make everyone's phone ring at the same time simply press 1 at the 1st prompt, then press 1 again. To dial one of us directly, after dialing 1 at the first prompt, just dial the extension of the person you are trying to reach.

Our extensions:
Eric 101
Henry 103
Chad 105
Sue 110
Art Department 104
Domed Numbers 201


Here are a couple cool features:
~ All of our voicemail is converted to txt and wav files and delivered to our blackberry phones.
~ No long distance charges
~ I have a work phone at my house on the same system
~ All faxes are converted to PDF and e-mailed free of charge
~ Unlimited incoming calls on one phone line


Thanks for the work,

Eric Gibby