New customers, old customers and everyone in between should always be up to date on our policies and procedures. This section of our site is dedicated to helping everyone get the most current information.  There is a tremendous amount of information below for you to take in.  Think of it like when you sign up for a service on-line and then they ask you if you have read through their user agreement and you just click YES but really never read any of it.  Please don't do that here.  Take your time and read through ALL the info below. Just don't do it all at one time because that would bore even ME to death.  Maybe read a section each day, maybe make it part of your morning ritual.  However you do it, please power through all of it.

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What do we do when we check in your product?

1st  We make a receiving record for each box that comes to ISPG.  This record includes the date received, the delivery method, how many boxes, who was the distributor, who is the customer and what is the PO number.

Assuming no issues
Day 1 Product received
Day 2 Product counted in
Day 3 Product Printed